All homeowners should attend December 5 HOA meeting

The board of directors are holding a special meeting to amend the covenants. The amendment would implement a leasing restriction and non-waiver clause. The leasing restriction includes provisions to grandfather property owners currently leasing their homes and to allow for temporary hardship exceptions. The meeting will be held on Tuesday December 5th, 2017 6:30 pm at the Irvington Branch Library.

The board believes this amendment will help preserve the appearance and quality of the neighborhood by ensuring that residents have a vested interest in maintaining their properties. We wish to prevent a proliferation of leased homes which we believe would lower property values and degrade the character of the community.

We encourage all owners to attend the meeting to be part of the conversation & vote on these changes. To pass this amendment 75% of the owners must cast their vote at the special meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting you may fill out the enclosed proxy, send it to Elite prior to the special meeting (must be submitted by Monday December 4th) for your vote to be casted at the special meeting.

You can download and sign the Proxy Form here [Word document].

You can review the proposed amendments here [PDF].

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